Laguna Poreč Half Marathon 26.03.2017

For the second year in a row, the Laguna Poreč Half Marathon will delight all running enthusiasts! Zelena Laguna Resort, a popular destination near Poreč, will attract up to 1.000 runners and their friends, who will cheer them on as they run this great half marathon and some shorter races as well.

Save the date and welcome springtime by running along the seaside in Poreč:

  • 26 March 2017 - Sunday

The Laguna Poreč race consists of one 7km trail and 3 races. The event will take place on a seaside trail in the stunning Zelena Laguna Resort, beginning on Sunday 26 March at the starting line in the Zelena Laguna Campsite.

Type of races:

This 7 km trail will take you and your little ones on a seaside run from the Zelena Laguna Campsite through Bijela Uvala Campsite towards Funtana and back to Zelena Laguna.

FUN RUN - 14 km
Have fun running this 14 km trail fit for the entire family. 

All runners in this half marathon can enjoy the Laguna Poreč half marathon trail because they will have 3 hours to finish the race while their biggest fans cheer them on all along the way. 

The beautiful springtime setting and a weekend spent on the seaside will be a winning combination for every single runner. Each registered runner will get:

  • T-shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • Race number with electronic timing chip
  • Promotional materials
  • Coupon for pasta party after the race
  • Refreshments


Distribution of starting numbers and chips:

  • Saturday, 25 March 2017 : from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.  
  • Sunday, 26 March 2017 : from 7:00 a.m. to  8:00 a.m.
  • Location: Laguna Lounge – Zelena Laguna Resort 

Start: 10:00 am  in front of Camping Zelena Laguna ****

Refreshments: Water, drinks, oranges, bananas will be distributed at 1st km & 4th km

Award ceremony: at Sandy beach – Zelena Laguna Resort, starting from 1:00 p.m.

Pasta party: at Hotel Laguna Molindrio ****, starting from 1:30 p.m.


Awards for the Laguna Poreč Half-Marathon (21km race) are given for the first 3 places in the men's and women's categories.

  • 1st place: 300 € and 2 nights at Laguna Poreč for 2 people
  • 2nd place: 200 €
  • 3rd place: 100 €

Race registration is free if you book accommodation at our facilities!

Registration fee:

  • Early booking offer: If you do not book accommodation at Laguna Poreč, the registration fee for the race alone is 15 € for registrations before 26.09.2016
  • Regular price is 20 € for registrations before 26.01.2017
  • Last minute price is 25 €

Trail map:

Registration instructions:

  1. Choose between the following two options:
       1.1. Book accommodation and race registration
       1.2. Race registration only
  2. Once the booking process and payment are successfully done, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail.
  3. That confirmation contains a unique link that leads to the race registration page. Click on the link in the e-mail! 
  4. Once you click on the link you need to fill in the form with your personal data so you can be successfully registered at the 2nd Laguna Poreč Half Marathon.
    To note: If you do not fill in the data at that link you will not be registered in the race.
  5. You will receive an e-mail confirmation after your registration is checked.

Race registration only


Accomodation booking

from 32.- per person daily!

 (with free entry to the race)

Book now

Technical information:
Goran Vrus, Race Director


By accepting the general terms and conditions, the participant accepts all the provisions of the Laguna Poreč Half Marathon, governed by Plava laguna d.d.

• For the duration of the Laguna Poreč Half Marathon, Plava laguna will make visual and audio recordings as well as take photos of the entire event. Some of this material will be used in our future promotional purposes. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the participants agree for such recorded materials to be used to promote the Laguna Poreč Half Marathon, under the terms here contained, without the obligation to pay any compensation to the participants. Plava laguna disclaims any claims and demands arising from the use of photos and videos for promotional purposes.
• The registrations will close once 1.000 runners register or on 16 March 2017.
• The competition will take place in the form of 3 simultaneous races on the same trail. The trail has been secured and each runner takes part assuming full responsibility for her/his participation.
• Any person above the age of 16 can register for a race.
• The organiser reserves the right to change the schedule and routes with prior announcement on the website and the race notice board.


    • The participant of the Laguna Poreč Half Marathon has to pay the total amount of the fee price immediately upon making the reservation. Race registration is free if you book and pay accommodation at our facilities!
    • The participant who made the reservation may cancel his/her reservation 30 days prior to the date of the event and the full amount of the paid fee will be returned. If the participant does not cancel the reservation within the notice period, no refund will be possible.

    Confirmed list of participants to the 2nd Laguna Poreč Half Marathon

    #Name:Family name:Country:Race:
    1 Sarah-Jane Guest United States Half Marathon - 21km
    2 Enzo Deganutti Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    3 Flavio Minozzi Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    4 Alessandra Gratton Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    5 MARIAM MHANDO Haji Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    6 Federica Ostir Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    7 Dušanka Jelušić Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    8 Janos Karsai Hungary Half Marathon - 21km
    9 Bruno Vasumini Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    10 Marta Zerbinato Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    11 Hrvoje Kovačić Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    12 VLADO ŠĆUR Croatia FunRun - 14km
    13 Roman Filgertshofer Germany Half Marathon - 21km
    14 Maximilian Kramer Germany Half Marathon - 21km
    15 SILVANO BADENETTI Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    16 Marko Purgar Croatia FunRun - 14km
    17 Josipa Gerovac Croatia FamilyRun - 7km
    18 ERNST Hofmann Germany FunRun - 14km
    19 Olgica Maček Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    20 Andrea Marijan Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    21 Dragan Đukić Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    22 ALEKSANDRA VIVODA Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    23 Oscar Berlese Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    24 Federica Beraldo Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    25 Zoran Simonović Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    26 Andrej Klemenak Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    27 Renato Lovišček Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    28 Vanja Lovišček Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    30 Nika Babič Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    31 Tomaž Hvala Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    32 Nives Šimić Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    33 Marko Horvat Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    34 Ivana Buršić Croatia FamilyRun - 7km
    35 Ares Buršić Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    36 Damir Čataković Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    37 Matija Romšak Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    38 Igor Mirković Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    39 Doroteja Balažic Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    40 Matej Šömen Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    41 Mattia Turco Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    42 Elisabetta Kuk Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    43 Maja FERJANČIĆ Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    44 FEDERICA OSTIR Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    45 Angela Giorgione Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    46 Goran Marzic Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    47 Karin Walch Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    48 Christian Walch Austria FunRun - 14km
    49 TINA ŠPILAK Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    50 BRANKO RUPNIK Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    51 Karl PIrker Austria FunRun - 14km
    52 Margit Pirker Austria FunRun - 14km
    53 Orsolya Horváth Hungary FunRun - 14km
    54 Melinda Major Hungary FunRun - 14km
    55 Esther Ulmer Austria FamilyRun - 7km
    56 Andrea Erhart Austria FunRun - 14km
    57 Herbert Erhart Austria FunRun - 14km
    58 Giacomo Schiavon Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    61 Andrej Kavčič Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    62 Gianpietro Comelli Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    63 Laura Gerussi Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    64 Sylvia Schwarz Germany Half Marathon - 21km
    65 Markus Neumüller Germany Half Marathon - 21km
    66 Harald Zeiner Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    67 Elisabeth Zeiner Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    68 Matjaž Babnik Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    69 CLAUDIA POZZI Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    70 SERGIO CANDOTTI Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    71 Cristian Sandri Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    72 Marta Purinan Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    73 Vincenzo Babusci Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    74 Loredana Anzile Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    75 Ales Pestotnik Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    76 Katja Pestotnik Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    77 Helmut Lerchegger Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    78 Irene Lerchegger Austria FamilyRun - 7km
    79 Gigliola Giacaz Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    80 Serena Alberto Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    81 Daniela Franchi Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    82 Paolo Visentin Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    83 Marta Beltramini Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    84 Alessandra Candotti Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    86 Željko Buban Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    87 Ivanka Buban Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    88 Tomaž Špendal Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    89 Reinhard Groell Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    90 Michaela Groell Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    91 Andrej Soklič Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    92 Mark Ambrožič Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    93 Erich Peter Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    94 Andrej Kavcic Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    95 Gabriele Savorgnano Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    96 William Cossettini Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    97 Emanuela Pertigh Italy FamilyRun - 7km
    98 Jasna Pavčo Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    99 Krešimir Hafner Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    100 Ahtapon Loo Singapore Half Marathon - 21km
    104 Ivana Švorinić Croatia FunRun - 14km
    105 Ana Terlević Croatia FunRun - 14km
    106 David Gorian Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    108 Maja Budija Croatia FamilyRun - 7km
    109 Igor Nikolov Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    110 TOMAŽ KETIŠ Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    111 DARKO VEREŠ Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    112 Vedran Ropac Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    114 Danica Hudin Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    115 Suzana Vurunić Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    116 Andreas Mayer Austria Half Marathon - 21km
    117 Ilse Glocknitzer Austria FamilyRun - 7km
    118 Žiga Peljko Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    119 Eveline Wimmer Austria FamilyRun - 7km
    120 Tomislav Ljuština Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    121 Christian Brajkovic Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    122 Katarina Trčko Slovenia FamilyRun - 7km
    123 Thomas Robič Slovenia FamilyRun - 7km
    124 ZORAN MANDIĆ Croatia FamilyRun - 7km
    125 Jasmin Vidović Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    126 Enrico Vidović Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    127 vladimir bosnić Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    128 Kristina Bele Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    129 Rosana Brišar Slovenia FamilyRun - 7km
    130 Iva Križanec Ropac Croatia FamilyRun - 7km
    131 Darja Duh Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    132 Momčilo Ždrnja Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    133 Duška Ždrnja Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    134 Vesna Šipka Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    135 Boris Predojević Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    136 Teodora Čutura Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    137 nataša prašnikar Slovenia Half Marathon - 21km
    138 Daniele Bradaschia Italy Half Marathon - 21km
    139 Bruno Brkic Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    140 Milica Đorđević Bosnia and Herzegovina FamilyRun - 7km
    142 Rosalind Berisha United States Half Marathon - 21km
    143 Tori Oshel United States Half Marathon - 21km
    145 Nadia Štifanić Dobrilović Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    146 Tadeja Bečan Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    147 Erlend More Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    148 Samka Bašanović Slovenia FamilyRun - 7km
    149 BAŠANOVIĆ FIKRET Slovenia FunRun - 14km
    150 Danijela Tešanović Bosnia and Herzegovina Half Marathon - 21km
    151 JELA KARIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina FamilyRun - 7km
    153 ĐENI MOMIĆ Croatia Half Marathon - 21km
    154 SANJA ZLOKAPA Italy Half Marathon - 21km

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