Top conditions for top football players


Whether you play recreationally or professionally, Zelena Laguna Resort in Poreč will satisfy all your football appetites. Four excellent football pitches, goalkeeper training equipment, floodlights, heated football fields, gyms...prepare for new sport challenges at Zelena Laguna Resort!


Discover the new bowling alley


Visit our newly opened bowling alley at the Hotel Delfin! 


Two sports halls provide everything an athlete might need

Indoor sports

Good sport preparation is impossible without a well-equipped sport hall. Zelena Laguna Resort offers their guests the option to use not one, but two such sport halls.

Apart from standard sports such as football, basketball and handball, equipment for fencing, squash, gymnastics and other sports is also available.


54 tennis courts by the sea


You play tennis and want to spend an active holiday in Croatia? The sport centres of Laguna Poreč are the perfect destination for you. A pleasant climate and 54 tennis courts situated right by the coast make it possible to play tennis outdoors for the greater part of the year.

We organise tournaments and provide tennis lessons.


Discover the underwater beauty of the Adriatic


The Adriatic Sea, and especially Poreč Riviera, are counted among the most attractive diving destinations in Europe. The diving centre in Plava Laguna Resort offers trips to a number of diving points, night diving, diving lessons...take a deep breath and dive into the hidden underwater world of the Adriatic Sea.


Explore Istria on two wheels


True amateurs, as well as professional cyclists, can enjoy at the 3500 km of 117 marked bike routes traversing beautiful Istrian countryside. Its stunning landscapes provide a variety of scenic routes for cyclists of all kinds, including road bikers, trekking bikers and mountain bikers. From the Adriatic coast and head into the heartland of Istria, several cycling paths cross through the historic towns, pine forests, wine yards and olive groves, while the coastal routes offers amazing views from the sea and nearby islands.  Come and discover Istria on two wheels!


700-meter-long ski lift awaits you

Water skiing and water sport

The Adriatic Sea is amazingly clean, as though it were made for water sports like: skiing, sailing, windsurfing...and naturally, you can have a go at all these sports in Laguna Poreč. We recommend the 700 m ski lift located below the Hotel Laguna Molindrio, where you can show off your skills or learn how to ski.


Practice golf while on vacation in Poreč


Whether you are just starting in the world of golf or you're a seasoned player and need to mantain your game, the first driving range in Poreč awaits you. Located in the Mediterranean atmosphere right by the sea, the driving range is in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Laguna Molindrio.


Bullseye shot


Archery is one of the oldest sports, and archers can find their place under the sun in Laguna Poreč as well. We offer fields for archery as well as straw target stands. Come and see for yourself that staying with us is a bullseye shot.


Fun, rest and recreation

Sport games

Recreation is an important part of corporate culture. Many renowned Croatian (and European) companies organise games for their employees on a regular basis, and one of their favourite destinations is Zelena Laguna Resort in Poreč. Fun, rest and recreation – all in one place in Zelena Laguna Resort.


True recreational and sport paradise

Other sports

Field hockey, riding, chess, darts, rope pulling, bocce, miniature golf, beach volleyball...Laguna Poreč is a true recreational and sport paradise. Recreationists, spend your vacation in Poreč and stay in shape. Athletes, come to Laguna Poreč and prepare yourselves for new victories. Laguna Poreč is waiting for you!



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Laguna summer events

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