The largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, Istria is a must-see destination. Istria is a couny of colours – blue and green – which nature used profusely when it created this unique heart-shaped peninsula.

But Istria appears in more than blue and green. Red is the colour of western Istria, the colour of the earth that has been feeding the people of Istria for centuries. It is also the colour of wine coming from Istrian vineyards, and the colour of the unforgettable sunsets over the Adriatic, which washes the coasts of Istria.

Grey is the colour of the inland peninsula. Grey, stone-walled towns are located at the tops of wooded hills, ancient grey sacral buildings are scattered throughout the tranquil countryside and the grey fertile land gives a different perspective of Istria. This is the other side of the peninsula, seemingly, far from the coast and the sea, but at the same time inextricably tied to the Mediterranean way of life.

The third colour of Istria is white. This is the colour of Učka, the highest mountain, which offers spectacular views of the north part of the Adriatic.

The interfusion of many nations has written the rich history of Istria, leaving their traces in architecture, culture and customs. This heritage lives on in melodic dialects, in the sound of the traditional instrument roženice, in legends, in mosaics and frescoes, in dry stone walls and in common small huts called kažuni.

Your experience of Istria would not be complete without a tour of wine roads or olive oil paths. In authentic taverns and on family farms, your hosts will greet you with a glass of Istrian Malvasia or Teran, prosciutto and cheese, homemade fuži spiced with aromatic truffles and the traditional fried pastries fritule and kroštule to sweeten your day!

But of course Istria would not be what it is without blue and green, the colours of the sea, the forests and the best holiday destinations on the entire peninsula – Plava Laguna and Zelena Laguna in Poreč.

All the colours of Istria are precisely what you need to escape the tiresome routine of everyday life. Come; Istria is waiting for you.

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