Privacy policy

General terms

Plava laguna j.s.c. having its registered office at R. Končara 12, Poreč, Company identification No. /  OIB: 57444289760, (hereinafter referred to as the „Plava laguna“) respects your privacy and security of your personal data. Collection, use and processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Act on Personal Data Protection and other regulations applicable in the Republic of Croatia that regulate the protection of personal data. We guarantee our customers that all personal information will be treated as confidential information and trade secret.

This Privacy Policy regulates the way in which we deal with personal information that Plava laguna uses through its reservation system and contact form or through certain services provided by Plava laguna, which are given for use to guests, and enable Plava laguna to access personal data.

Plava laguna collects, uses and processes the following personal information:

  • name and surname,
  • address,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone and/or fax number,
  • your credit card information given to the Company in the process of on-line reservations or other payment procedure or payment security,
  • other information indicated by you and you wish them to remain secret.

Plava laguna collects your personal data for the following purposes:

  • more effective response to your inquiry,
  • ensuring the delivery and payment of requested service,
  • entry into our rewards system,
  • promotion of our services and sending publications, brochures and other promotional material (eg, newsletter),
  • internal statystical data processing.

By providing your personal information to Plava laguna or by using the services through which Plava laguna automatically collects your personal information, and by agreeing to receive Plava laguna's newsletter, you are also giving your explicit consent to Plava laguna to contact you for above mentioned purposes and put you on Plava laguna's mailing list. The privacy of your data is protected at all times, and at every moment you may request to unsubscribe from the mailing list, which will be an option in every e-mail sent to you with the newsletter. When you unsubscribe from the mailing list, Plava laguna will no longer process your data for this purpose and it may only be used for internal purposes, for example, for statistical data processing. Collection of your personal information is done on voluntary basis and you have the right to object to processing of personal data for marketing purposes at any time.  

By providing your personal information to Plava laguna or by using the services through which Plava laguna automatically collects your personal information, you guarantee that the information Plava laguna collected in above described way is accurate, complete and up to date. We inform you that  you have the right to request from Plava laguna to exercise your right of access to collected data in accordance with legal regulations at any time, and in case personal information is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated, you have the right to request amendment, modification or deletion of your personal information. Your personal data is kept in a form that allows your identification only during the period of time necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is collected.

By visiting Plava laguna's web pages or logging in and using Plava laguna's services which terms define the application of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you are fully familiar with the Privacy Policy and agree to its provisions.

In the event that Plava laguna's Terms of Service regulate certain privacy issues differently, the provisions of the Terms of Service will take precedence over the provisions of this Privacy Policy when defining the rights and obligations related to the use of services.  

Protecting your identity

Plava laguna does not sell your personal information nor reveals it to third parties for their independent marketing or business purposes without your consent. Plava laguna may reveal your information to third parties in the event of your consent or when we are obligated to do so under the applicable regulations. Collection of your personal information is done on voluntary basis.

Plava laguna may reveal your information to associated companies under the terms of the Companies Act, in which case these companies acquire the same rights and assume the same obligations related to processing of personal data as Plava laguna.

Statistics Web Server

Our global network server uses statistics server software. This sofware is standard feature of all web servers and not only our website. Such statistics software enables us to adjust our webpages to be  simple and effective for our users (identifying web data that is the most and the least interesting to our clients, customizing webpages to individual web browsers, structural efficiency of our location and number of visits to our website). User logs on our webpages do not include personal information of our users and they are not indicating to persons visiting our webpages.


A cookie is a small text database which some internet servers store on your PC while you are browsing webpages. A cookie does not read data from your discs or information from other cookies stored on your disc. Our servers occasionally use cookies to remember the webpages you visited and thus we speed up the communication between your PC and our servers. If you configured your web browser in such a way, you will be warned about storing every cookie on your PC. Your web browser can be configured to prevent the cookies on your PC.

IP addresses

IP addresses are numerical labels unique for every computer currently on Internet. They are used to identify senders and receivers of information over the Internet. Our server records the IP address of your PC on every transaction in the reservation system for secure transmission and protection against misuse of your information. User personal information is not available outside the reservation system.

Secure data transmission

T-Com is concerned about the confidentiality and security of your information during credit card authorization. Data security on this site is secured by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol with 128-bit encryption.

The exchange of sensitive data (eg, credit card numbers) between T-Com Pay Way system for online payments and credit card companies' authorization centres is carried out by using a private network that has no internet access and is fully protected from unauthorized access, using the ISO 8583 protocol. T-Com completely denies access to data to which participants in the process of purchase are not authorized.


We are doing our best to ensure that all links on our website direct you and/or your child to websites containing quality information in a sense of not encouraging negativity. However, webpages and addresses on the network are rapidly changing and we cannot always guarantee for the content of every address that we direct you to.

Final provisions

All disputes arising from collection, use and processing of your personal data or associated data, including disputes related to the interpretation, application and enforcement of this Privacy Policy will be at the jurisdiction of the competent court in the Republic of Croatia, according to the headoffice of Plava laguna. To all matters not covered by this Privacy Policy, valid regulations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply.

Plava laguna reserves the right to change and/or modify this Privacy Policy at any time of which you will be informed via collected contacts or by publishing on our official webpage.